Value Noise Mineral (2015)

Value Noise Mineral (2015)
Custom Software

An anonymous material resembling a precious metal constitutes itself via the chaotic oscillations of a noise algorithm, achieving a mineral complexion.

Digital crypto currencies require a computationally expensive proof of work - also known as 'mining' - to produce value. Real world mining is a proof of work of its own, conferring a rare metal with value by virtue of the effort expended to extract and purify it.


Value Noise Mineral forms part of a series of investigations into noise and representation.

The value noise algorithm runs directly on the viewer's processor (GPU), constructing the image frame by frame as a proof of work. The spectator is engaged in mining an image that asserts its value by reassembling itself at each moment.

Credits: Anil Bawa-Cavia (STDIO), Alexander Alekseev (TDM)
License: CC Attribution Share-Alike